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To keep pace with the challenges in the healthcare field Women Partners in OB/GYN implemented electronic health records in 2006.

We believe that improves efficiency and helps us provide prompt and accurate information to our patients. In 2009 we launched the Patient Portal to give our patients ease of access to request prescription refills, send questions to the nurses and pay bills online.

Below are some of the healthcare entities that we partner with to provide quality and convenience to our patients.


North Central Baptist Hospital is our hospital of choice where we do all deliveries and inpatient admissions. Our office is adjacent to the hospital. Go to www.baptisthealthsystem.com and click on North Central Baptist to learn about the hospital. We encourage maternity patients click on Labor & Delivery to learn about the services for expectant parents, like childbirth classes and tours of the unit. We encourage expectant moms and their families to take advantage these services.

Ambulatory Surgery

Surgeries that do not require admission are performed at ambulatory facilities. Our doctors perform procedures at Christus Santa Rosa Physician Ambulatory Surgery Center on the 5th floor of our office building and at Methodist Ambulatory Surgery Center located nearby in Stone Oak.

In-Office Procedures

We partner with a board certified anesthesiologist, to safely and conveniently perform procedures that require anesthesia in the office.


Quest Laboratory provides a phlebotomist in our office at Stone Oak for the convenience of patients who need to have blood tests done. Quest will send specimens to other labs if the patient’s insurance requires it. Our staff draws specimens at the Schertz office.


Pathology Reference Lab does all Pap Smears and other tissue pathology for our practice.

We strive to understand your needs and to
meet them at every encounter.
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